Website Designing is an integral part of your business marketing strategies. With the internet being one of the most powerful marketing tools today, you would not want your internet presence to be over-shadowed by others because of a weak website. The Thingmax team evaluates your business goals and understands your requirements with respect to your target audience. We then get to work to build a website that is visually appealing and has the capability to enhance your web presence.

We provide customer website development in open sources like Joomla, WordPress, MySQL, PHP and Code Ignitor. The UI of any website should be unique and it should have the ability to cater to your traffic. At the same time it is important to showcase a contemporary look and use the latest technologies to be responsive. The compatibility of your website on different browsers and devices is another important thing that we focus on.

Startups who need to start from scratch as well as well-established companies who need to revamp their website can rely on the Thingmax team to provide the best solutions as far as website designing is concerned.We provide expert consulting services for website designing, so if you have an idea that you are unable to pen down, our team of diligent experts can help you realize your ideas so that you have a website that you envisioned.

In addition to this, managing the content of the site so that they are strong on the search engine is another important task that we complete for you. In addition to this, Thingmax also helps you maintain your website so that new functionalities can be added to the structure of your website. This will ensure that your website does not look dated after a certain period of time.

A few things that the Thingmax team keeps in mind while creating your website are:


The layout of your website has an exponential impact on your customers. Layouts that are too complex can lead to mistrust and those that are too simple can be considered too uninteresting. Choosing the right layout to make sure your customers are not overwhelmed with the design is our job. We will make sure that your customers enjoy their visit to your site.


This may come as a surprise to you, but color plays an important role in the appearance of your website. The combination of colors can make your website look visually appealing or simply lackluster. Keeping your logo and your company’s audience in mind, Thingmax will provide the best blend of colors to augment the visual presentation of your website.


It has been noticed that internet users prefer websites that have fresh and relevant information. We will create content that bears significance to your business and which reflects your organizations vision. Our forte lies in our creativity and innovation. We endeavor to build a relationship with you so that we can understand your business needs. The trust of our clients makes us reach for new heights in the field of website designing.